Hidup Hanya Sekali, Hiduplah Yang Berarti

Berani Hidup Tidak Takut Mati, Takut Mati Jangan Hidup, Takut Hidup Mati Saja

Hatred will brings disaster

Each person would believe that God creating human beings have two kinds of properties, good qualities and bad qualities, every person has both these properties. Depending on the nature of large and small it is in humans. Would you believe, a resentment and hatred that led to harm stocked today for future generations?

In wars past, very often we hear the many victims of landmines planted during the war tens of years ago. In Russia, China, Colombia, Cambodia, Geneva, Iraq, Afghanistan, African countries, and others.

Surely we know that the mines that are the remnants of anger, savage scars, and the traces amuck, and the scars of hatred. Hatred of oppression and injustice. Hatred will conduct superpower.

Now the current generation's turn, You never know when it will be swept clean. Although peace has dijabattangankan, who can guarantee no regrets in the future? How expensive a hatred. Which means that hatred can be a boomerang for us because of our predecessors.

It teaches us to not only consider what happens on the next day due to our actions today. When we hate something, then it will breed resentment, and will return to us of the hatred that we scatter. Because of the nature of such bad contagious skin disease that would be even greater.

Therefore, Let's ask ourselves, is the absolute hatred that exists, but how much hate it? Is there any benefit? Is there a result diesok day for ourselves and our posterity? Do not let the hatred it made us into the dark eyes that knew no such thing as goodness. Is there a better way? Because the mines of hatred that will injure people who hate, as well as people who hated. Both are equally injured.

But there should be underlined, that hatred is not the same attitude firmness in enforcing rules and limits of the norm of life. Hatred is more inclined towards the subject, is more rigor refers to the behavior and actions.

The further we look ahead, should the greater the value of our actions today for humanity. The more careful in determining the steps in the act.
Think before you act is an act of great wisdom

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