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Work Is Worship

Work ethic will also be more excited if it understood what the underlying basis. There are three things that related to one's work ethic. First, work is worship. Second, the work is trustworthy. And work is mercy.
To achieve these objectives needed to work hard, work smart and imbued the spirit of sincere cooperation and togetherness of all elements. Self-development efforts for the strengthening of scientific disciplines are engaged to be something inevitable and must be constantly and continuously.
Working in the category of worship can be understood by understanding what it is worship. Public worship includes social life, economics, politics, art, culture etc.
Public worship has a basic rule that all or any exception that may be prohibited. This means that all activities associated with public worship of any nature that the ruling is allowed as long as there are no texts which forbid doing so.
Work must be accompanied by a sense of sincerity. Sincere is not only based on mere intentions. But there are other things that have to complete an intention so that he can be said sincerely. Persevering in charity, and attitude toward the results. Not enough is said with a sincere intention is only based on the straight only. Intention can also be seen from the motivation to do. There is worship or a job because they think it as a burden, some consider mandatory, needed, and finally there is also gratitude for love. This is the best level of love that underlies an intention that his sincerity is really tested.
An intention to be tested with perseverance. Straight intentions will fail to say sincerely if work performed is half-half. Not with all my heart. So sincere requires diligence so that will give birth to a professional. Professionalism is characterized by hard work, honesty, skill, discipline, cooperation, and full sense of responsibility.
Apparently, sincerity has not come to the professionalism of the work alone, but he still must be determined by the attitude of the perpetrator of the results obtained. It is said that perfectly sincere when intentions are straight and work wholeheartedly and addressing the results obtained with gratitude and patience. When there is a sense of awe at the work already done, then it arises pride in ourselves, and it had damaged sincerity. Gratitude good, roomy chest, humble, sharing joy, and also introspection becomes necessary to refine sincerity when a job has been successfully completed, no matter the job succeeded or failed. "If thankful that there is no word" only ".

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